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Hidekazu Maeda

Photo:Narihiro Matsumoto


京都芸術短期大学(現在京都造形芸術大学)立体コース(彫刻)を卒業。1997より身体表現を始め、Dumb Type『OR』『memorandum』『voyage』出演。近年では、高谷史郎『明るい部屋 La Chambre Claire』や、高橋匡太『いつかみる夢~京都美術ビエンナーレ特別企画展』(京都府京都文化博物館)、『スマート・イルミネーション横浜2015』などの作品にも参加する。


He graduated from the Kyoto Art College (currently: Kyoto Zokei University) three-dimensional course (sculpture). He started the body expression from 1997, and He had performed works of Dumb Type” OR “ ,” Memorandum “ and '”Voyage '”. In recent years, he also joined works of Shiro Takatani “La Chambre Claire” and by Kyota Takahashi "The dream of the Kyoto Art Biennale"(Kyoto Museum of Culture, Kyoto Prefecture), "Smart Illuminations Yokohama 2015"  .

Koji Hashimoto

素粒子物理学、超ひも理論の研究 を 進 め る 傍 ら 、著 書「 超 ひ も 理 論 を パ パ に 習 っ て み た 」や「 超 弦 理 論 知 覚 化 プ ロ ジ ェ ク ト 」、T E D × O s a k a U で の 講 演 な ど さ ま ざ ま な ア ウ ト リ ー チ 活 動 も 手 が け て い る 。本 作 では、宇宙の崩壊と全滅に関する理論を展開する物理学者として出演。1973 年生まれ。 大阪育ち。2000 年理学博士(京都大学)、その後カリフォルニア大学サンタバーバラ校 理論物理学研究所、東京大学、理化学研究所を経て、2012 年より大阪大学教授。


Theoretical physicist. Professor of physics, Osaka University.

 Working on research in theoretical particle physics and superstring theory, as well as various outreach activities, including publishing a Manga explaining superstring theory and a novel and essays. An active member of“Perception of superstring theory project”. Invited lecturer at numerous conferences and public seminars.In this work, he will appear as a physicist who develops a theory on the collapse and annihilation of the universe. Grown up in Osaka in 1973, obtained Ph.D at Kyoto university, 2000. Worked at university of California, the university of Tokyo, RIKEN, and joined Osaka university at 2012 as a professor.


Ame Deguchi


本名:松尾惠。1986年より京都拠点の現代美術を主に取り扱うヴォイスギャラリーを運営。その頃、小劇場「無門館」(のちにアトリエ劇研となり2017年閉館)を通じて、演劇、コンテンポラリーダンス、パフォーマンスなどに興味を持つ。一方で、ギャラリーの隣室に事務所があった(1987年〜2005年)ダムタイプと交流し、古橋悌二(1995年逝去)が主催するドラアグ・クイーンパーティーDIAMONDS ARE FOREVERを知り、現代美術における身体や時間軸への考察を深めた。現在の主な活動は、美術展企画、アートフェア企画、執筆、芸術普及に関する文化行政への協力など。

<Script & Dramaturg>

The real name: Megumi Matsuo. She runs MATSUO MEGUMI +VOICE GALLERY pfs/w handling the contemporary art of the Kyoto base mainly from 1986. Through small theater "MUMONKAN" (it becomes the atelier GEKKEN and closes at 2017), She is interested in drama, contemporary dance, performing art at that time. On the other hand, she interchanged with the DUMB TYPE that an office was in in the next room of the gallery (1987 through 2005) and knew drag queen party DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER which Teiji Furuhashi (the 1995 death) organized and deepened the consideration to a body and temporal axes in the contemporary art. The current main activity art exhibition planning, art fair planning, writing, cooperation to cultural administration about the art spread.


 Yannick Paget 

Photo by:Sajik Kim



<Composer/Music player(Piano, Percussion)>

Paget is a French conductor and a composer living in Kyoto, Japan. He relocated to Japan after receiving an invitation from Maestro Yutaka Sado to become the HPAC Orchestra Associated Conductor in Nishinomiya. Paget trained in France at Paris Conservatory of Music (CNSMDP) and at the Royal College of Music of London and since 2008, he leads the Osaka Kyoiku University orchestra and is first guest conductor of the Kansai City Philharmonic Orchestra. Throughout his career Paget has been working regularly with orchestras worldwide including in Asia Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Hyogo PAC, Sakai City Opera and in Europe Picardie and Lamoureux orchestras, Brachov Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Synfonica Siciliana.

Attached to a free and open vision of music, Paget leads numerous projects in the field of contemporary art as a composer and performer. He is the co-founder of Ensowatt. The ensemble comprises of an international group of musicians and visual artists; their artistry covering a spectrum from classical purism to the electronic avant-guarde, from sonic improvisation to poetic outcries and video experimentation.

Paget is an active composer writing for chamber and symphony orchestras. These include titles such as, Tears of Sakura, Tanabatta, Omote/ Ura, Vent et Eau, Ronin’s tale as well as score for film and theater. Paget's music has been broadcasted in major media in France and the United States.


Photo by:Sajik Kim


エレクトロニクスを融合したアコーディオン弾き。京都精華大学卒業し96年からナスノミツル (アルタードステイツ)、三条とおる (EP-4)らの[elements]に加入後、数々のアングラの巨匠達との共演を経て近年、梅津和時らと共に中山ラビのツアーメンバーを務め、アルバム[ My Back Pages ]をリリース。’12年よりFRYING DUTCHMANのレコーディングに参加した事をきっかけに、ツアーに同行。'16年より梶原徹也 (ex. THE BLUE HEARTS)、 eiji(Dachambo)と共に正式にメンバー入り。 またミュージシャンだけでなくダンサー、パフォーマー、ペインター等との共演を展開。舞踏家の今 貂子 [舞踏] と 仙石彬人 [TIME PAINTING] とのパフォーマンスユニット[ミズモノ]を結成。ヨーロッパを中心に海外でのライヴ活動も精力的に行い、’15年にはHi Seoul Festival に出演。’10, ’11年と、coba主催のイヴェントに参加。’09年から京都木屋町UrBANGUILDのブッキング担当。早朝の三条大橋と猫をこよなく愛する。

<Composer/Music player(Acc)>

ryotaro is a Kyoto based accordionist, composer and performer. He uses MIDIaccordion; intermixing accordion, synthesizer and programmed sounds to create compositions. He graduated in '96 from Kyoto Seika University. Soon afterwards he formed the band "elements" with Mitsuru Nasuno (Altered States), Toru Sanjyo and Yung Tsubotaj (EP-4). He has collaborated and improvised with various dancers, actors and painters.

In 2008, ryotaro released his 1st solo album "Jelly, nico & I". Since 2009, he started working as a booking manager of an art space in Kyoto calledUrBANGUILD ( . Here he encountered and worked with different artists in the region such as Tenko Ima (Butoh dancer), Akito Sengoku (Time Paintaing). In 2015, ryotaro toured with Keiko Yamaguchi in France; Bordeaux, Orelean, Paris and Stroud in England and

performed a dance piece "Emballage".

Since 2016, He is member of the band FRYING DUTCHMAN with Tetsuya Kajiwara (ex. THE BLUE HEARTS) & Eiji Suzuki (Dachambo) and also tour member of Rabi Nakayama with Kazutoki Umedu & Seiichi Takahashi


Yuki Goda

Photo:Narihiro Matsumoto


‘06年〜’17年、Monochrome Circusダンサーとして活動し、国内ツアーや各地での公演、フランス、韓国、フィンランドのフェスティ バルへの出演など、国内外問わず多くの作品に参加。個人の活動として、音楽家・山中透との共同制作作品「白昼夢」(愛媛県町立久万美術館「松本俊夫展・白昼夢」)、「fruits session 2014」(愛媛県立美術館「洲之内徹と現代画廊展」)、映像作家・飯名尚人との共同制作作品「金魚撩乱」、前田英一との デュオ作品「未だ無題」(FOuR Dancers vol.38 UrBANGUILD)などがある。’15年より、パフォーミングアートの不思議・魅力などを、体験・観察することを目的とした企画集団「ゴーダ企画」を立ち上げる。 パフォーマンスにまつわる様々なワークショップ、イベント、国際交流事業などを企画し、プロデューサーとしても活動している。


He belonged to the dance company “Monochrome Circus” that is based in Kyoto since 2006 to 2017 . Later, he gained experience in many stages in Japan and abroad as a main dancer of the company.
As individual, he worked some coproduction with Toru Yamanaka(dumb type), Naoto Iina(Dance and Media Japan), Hidekazu Maeda etc.
As teacher, he taught dance club activity in Matsuyama university for 3 years. And he has a lot of teaching experience of contact and contemporary dance in some workshops and education field in Japan.
In addition, he is working as organizer of “Goda-project (Goda-Kikaku)” and “Kyoto international dance workshop festival” for spread activety of contemporary dance in Japan.


 Kyoko Nomura 

Photo:Narihiro Matsumoto


’07年〜17’年京都のダンスカンパニーMonochrome Circusに所属。以降カンパニーの主要ダンサーとして国内外問わず多くの舞台に立ち経験を積む。他、ディディエ・テロン(仏)やチョン・ヨンドゥ(韓)、ミカエル・モーリッセン(独)等のプロジェクトに出演。また、ミュージシャン、デザイナー、落語家など他ジャンルのアーティストとのコラボレーションやソロ作品の発表などの活動も展開中。他、教育現場や企業の研修など様々な現場でコンタクトやダンスのワークショップの講師・アシスタントなどを務めている。15’年より合田と共に「ゴーダ企画」の企画/運営を行い、アーティストの発掘・発信、出会い場作りを軸に一般にも幅広く提供。「踊る」「創る」と並行して活動中。


She belonged to the dance company “Monochrome Circus” that is based in Kyoto since 2007 to 2017. Later, she gained experience in many stages in Japan and abroad as a main dancer of the company and she has worked with Didier Theron, Jung Young Doo, Michael Maurissens etc.. .Also as individual, she has done active co-production and improvised performance with musicians in various places as well. In addition, she has a lot of teaching experience of contact and contemporary dance in some workshops and education field in Japan. And she started the project and administration team “GODA Kikaku” with Yuki Goda in Kyoto from 2015. They are offering discovery and introduction of artists, and making opportunity of the encounter for the artists and citizen. Also she is keeping dancing and creating own work in parallel.